CBOT power cable

4 Power cable

Liquid Gas
EURO TYPE Cod: R92.0001 Cod: R91.0001
MILLER  TYPE Cod: R92.0002 Cod: R91.0002
PANASONIC TYPE Cod: R92.0003 Cod: R91.0003

eBOT power cable

Welding process

Liquid cooling.

600 A – 100%

Turning capacity +-240 (480º)

Gas cooling

500 A – 100%

Turning capacity +-200 (400º)

Technical data according to IEC 60974-7

All of the oversized BOT energy packages for 24-hour work cycles, and with materials highly resistant to mechanical fatigue such as PU, PA12, its 4-channel power system for liquid cooling is extremely flexible.

Welding systems for industrial robots BOTseries designed to last.

Advantages of the eBOT energy package.

  • They are compatible with all standard industrial robots with external wiring.
  • Long fatigue life through the extra-flexible 4-duct system (liquid models)
  • Compatibility with all market connections, adapting to a wide range of winding machines.
  • Maximum diameter of the assembly 50 mm, it can be mounted on all robot systems.
  • External cover in extra PA resistant to fatigue, temperature and UV.
  • Connection thread locking system prevents loosening with robot movements (Euro system )

*cBOT sistema para robots que puede ser usado tanto en robots estándar como en robots de eje hueco (con la sustitución del plato de adaptación).