ARC WELDING WITH COBOTS. It is not collaborative, but it makes sense!

Collaborative robots are already a reality for several applications. The word “collaborative” has certainly been misused for some applications with commercial intentions since “collaborative” means that the robot can work side by side with a worker in a safe way as if it were another colleague in the line, but when it comes to arc welding, it is clear that it is not a collaborative application. Every welding cell has to be closed and has to comply with an estipulated number of safety issues to ensure the integrity of the welder and their co-workers. Welding with a cobot is not different. You cannot have a welding power source operating near a worker. It needs to be closed and has to be used as if it were an industrial robot.

That said, there are a lot of advantages that you can get from using a cobot for your MIG/TIG welding applications if your production needs meet some of these characteristics:
  • Low-medium volumes/pieces
  • Piece repetitiveness in time
  • Small size pieces
Having those needs it may make perfect sense to invest in cobot welding units.
  1. Much easier to program than an industrial robot.
  2. Much higher autonomy for the user.
  3. No dependence on the robot manufacturer.
  4. Robotic quality and repetitiveness.
  5. Very intuitive and easy to teach.
  6. Very flexible as you can change application and relocate the cobot very easily in other locations.
  7. It is an easy and cheap start in automation applications for small-medium size companies.

To sum up, a cobot can be a perfect fit for companies that want to start automating applications and learning Robotics with full autonomy and operability.

José Luis G.

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