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ASMIG, MIG/MAG fume extraction system


Nowadays we cannot ignore the fact that health in the working world is becoming more and more important, welding fumes are highly polluting and regulations on this subject are becoming more and more relevant. The incorporation of direct suction systems in the torches brings many advantages, but also disadvantages especially in the world of manual welding where the weight and handling capacity is more relevant. However in robotic welding where the weight of the torch is not relevant is where we think it can bring more advantages, also if the system is integrated into a collaborative robot where the space [...]

ASMIG, MIG/MAG fume extraction system2023-06-02T09:48:57+00:00

Visitanos en Metal Madrid 2022


Después de varios años de restricciones y una comunicación menos personal, por fin podemos reunirnos con total libertad y exponer nuestros productos en Metal Madrid 2022, presentaremos algunas novedades en soldadura robótica y en sistemas de soldadura automática. Novedades que llevan más de un año en el mercado, pero no habían podido ser presentadas en feria por la situación actual.Estaremos encantados de atenderte el día 19 y 20 de octubre en el stand 6D07 y podrás ver y tocar todos nuestros productos. Si necesitas más información ponte en contacto con nosotros en

Visitanos en Metal Madrid 20222022-09-20T07:56:02+00:00

CLEANING STATIONS for welding robotics


CLEANING STATIONS for welding robotics When a company considers to automate a welding application it is a necessity to include and think in a cleaning station for the correct maintenance and working of the complete cell. It automates three important applications: wire cutting to restart welding with the perfect wire distance to piece. nozzle cleaning of spatter stuck during the welding process through a reamering system antispatter spraying of the nozzle to avoid spattering stickness during the welding cycle The cleaning station reduces spare parts changing as it increases their durability. It also avoids welding failures in pieces and the horrible [...]

CLEANING STATIONS for welding robotics2020-01-22T11:10:35+00:00

What is your welding torch power?


What is your welding torch power? Learn how to choose the correct torch power. When choosing a welding torch for our equipment, one of the most important factors is the power of the gun, or what is the same, the maximum intensity of use that it can endure. Most manufacturers use the maximum intensity of use as a reference when selecting the right torch, but this reference should be understood only as that, a reference. The intensity in real circumstances will be notably lower for the following reasons. The intensity reference is always taken with 100% CO2 protection gas: this gas [...]

What is your welding torch power?2019-11-21T14:26:50+00:00



ARC WELDING WITH COBOTS. It is not collaborative, but it makes sense! Collaborative robots are already a reality for several applications. The word “collaborative” has certainly been misused for some applications with commercial intentions since “collaborative” means that the robot can work side by side with a worker in a safe way as if it were another colleague in the line, but when it comes to arc welding, it is clear that it is not a collaborative application. Every welding cell has to be closed and has to comply with an estipulated number of safety issues to ensure the integrity of [...]

ARC WELDING WITH COBOTS.2019-10-22T14:38:21+00:00

Keys to choosing robotic welding torches


Keys to choosing the right robotic welding torch Choosing between an optimal or inadequate robotic torch, could mean the difference between reaching your weekly quality and productivity targets, and struggle to meet promised lead time. To help you select the most convenient torch for your welding application and maximize the efficiency of the operating team, quality and profitability, you should consider these 8 key points: 1.Understanding the Tool Center Point (TCP) Tool Center Point, or TCP, is a point in space with a mathematical reference to the flange of a robot. For robotic welding GMAW, this is mainly how the [...]

Keys to choosing robotic welding torches2019-10-22T14:41:19+00:00

Joint tracking systems for MIG/MAG Welding Robots


Joint tracking systems for MIG/MAG Welding Robots. Robots don’t make mistakes when welding, but we make them indeed; for instance, placing pieces  and their dispersion make robots lose their welding path, causing serious problems. Currently, when we opt for a robotic welding cell in the hope of both to multiply by 3 production rates and reduce costs, we don’t tend to take into account that robots do not detect our errors: fixture design mistakes, arranging mistakes, dispersion of manufactured pieces and human mistakes when piece-feeding the robot. This translates into frustration for the production responsible when trying to meet with expected [...]

Joint tracking systems for MIG/MAG Welding Robots2019-04-26T06:46:44+00:00

Contact tips for MIG/MAG welding, a key element


Contact tips for MIG/MAG welding, a key element. Contact tips are a key element for our welding torches to work perfectly and on a daily basis its importance is more and more disregarded. We will unveil some myths and legends which manufacturers use to differentiate themselves from competition. Contact tips are manufactured almost entirely out of copper with some alloys which are used to tweak the contact tips characteristics depending on the welding application. Contact tips are responsible for supplying all the electric power to the welding wire and provide arch stability, but the question is: what type of contact [...]

Contact tips for MIG/MAG welding, a key element2019-04-05T11:19:49+00:00

The new BOT series of torches for robots integrated in the most demanding applications.


The new BOT series of torches for robots integrated in the most demanding applications. Welding torches for BOTseries robots are already integrated in most of the main manufacturers of industrial robots, the BOT series has been designed to be easily integrated in all types of robots giving the best performance in robotic welding applications. These new torches are more precise, last longer and offer high performance in all welding applications. The refrigeration systems of the BOT series are designed for 24 hour cycles where the productions are more demanding. Most of the best manufacturers in the world already rely on [...]

The new BOT series of torches for robots integrated in the most demanding applications.2019-04-09T14:42:24+00:00

Update of old robots with RETROFIT


Update your old robot and increase the performance of your torch. Industrial robots can last more than 20 years with good maintenance, sometimes after many programs it is difficult to change the welding torch, surely that model is no longer manufactured or the result of that torch has not been as expected. With the series of welding torches BOTseries we can make a torch as long as it respects the TCP programming point, and if the measures provided are correct, replicate that point so that you do not have to reprogram anything. This, as is evident, is an important saving [...]

Update of old robots with RETROFIT2019-04-03T15:51:21+00:00
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