Type 1           Cod: R01.1000

Type 2           Cod: R01.2000

 Type 3           Cod: R01.3000

TCP control BOT


Max capacity of calibration + -2º

Thread cutting system.

Working pressure of 2-6 bar.

Calibration chart for MIG / MAG welding necks of the BOT series, allows for precise adjustment and calibration of the robotic necks, can for readjusting the neck after a blow or to verify its status after intensive use.

Welding systems for industrial robots BOTseries designed to last.

Advantages of the TCP control BOT.

  • Rapid calibration of all necks of the BOT series.
  • Multiple tools for each type of collar, avoiding damage with the calibration.
  • Long lasting with steel construction with antioxidant treatment.