CLEANING STATIONS for welding robotics


CLEANING STATIONS for welding robotics When a company considers to automate a welding application it is a necessity to include and think in a cleaning station for the correct maintenance and working of the complete cell. It automates three important applications: wire cutting to restart welding with the perfect wire distance to piece. nozzle cleaning of spatter stuck during the welding process through a reamering system antispatter spraying of the nozzle to avoid spattering stickness during the welding cycle The cleaning station reduces spare parts changing as it increases their durability. It also avoids welding failures in pieces and the horrible [...]

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What is your welding torch power?


What is your welding torch power? Learn how to choose the correct torch power. When choosing a welding torch for our equipment, one of the most important factors is the power of the gun, or what is the same, the maximum intensity of use that it can endure. Most manufacturers use the maximum intensity of use as a reference when selecting the right torch, but this reference should be understood only as that, a reference. The intensity in real circumstances will be notably lower for the following reasons. The intensity reference is always taken with 100% CO2 protection gas: this gas [...]

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Keys to choosing robotic welding torches


Keys to choosing the right robotic welding torch Choosing between an optimal or inadequate robotic torch, could mean the difference between reaching your weekly quality and productivity targets, and struggle to meet promised lead time. To help you select the most convenient torch for your welding application and maximize the efficiency of the operating team, quality and profitability, you should consider these 8 key points: 1.Understanding the Tool Center Point (TCP) Tool Center Point, or TCP, is a point in space with a mathematical reference to the flange of a robot. For robotic welding GMAW, this is mainly how the [...]

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